Friday, September 18, 2009

SOOO Lately.....

WOW where to start we finally got our house in order caused by the chaotic wedding prep lol. were back on our work schedules and glad to say SLEEPING schedules too. yay! Diarra is now an assistant coach for dixie highs freshman woo woo! marley (our diva) is now walking...a tad bit bitter sweet lol and we are finally going to take a break next weekend with my bro. anton plus fam to see franiels (frani and daniel) football game sooo anxious cause a break is sooooooooo needed! well enjoy the pics....
my loves!
mar and jae
first time swimmer
yes he picked his own swimsuit lol
jae with uncle daniels glasses
mar mar the diva

its official shes walking....ahhhh
he likes to draw on my walls so i drew on his face but he loved it
his hugh hefner fit that aunty nette got