Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

we spent the christmas break in las vegas with my parents. it was so much fun! my two nephews were able to celebrate the holidays with us due to their several delayed flights...YAY for us! lol my little sister fiti got me a whole set of unique ornaments which i really wanted for our tree. my parents bought jae and marley a bunch of clothes. janet and sally gave everyone stockings full of goodies and for the adults we got gigantic stockings full of oversized treats. oh and jane gave us a wonderful gift card that i will be using soon(like tomorrow). i wish my whole family couldve been there(all 13 bros & sis') it was so much fun to be all together just hanging out. the best of all is janet taught me how to crochet..WOO HOO for new talents! well that was after i took all of nettes crochet clutches hahaha i didnt take many pics cause i left my memory card at home but here are a couple.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008



  • i look up lyrics to songs and sing a long
  • sometimes when im working out and im in alot of pain ill take a break when kim (trainer)turns her back then when shes bout to turn back around ill get back on track hahaha
  • i just started going to church again after two years...like really going
  • i only know how to cook 5 real meals
  • i taught jae "trash" cause i got tired of throwing his diapers away now he can do it all by himself
  • i cant sleep with long pants or socks on
  • i like to read "serious peoples" blogs cause it makes me laugh!!!

I TAG: whit, alecia, keers, cine, heather, lavi, kristin

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


last night i was at segi's house with the kiddos we took their greeting card pics in front of her tree. jae did not want to paticipate so we had teni do "peek-a-boo" so we could get good ones and it worked!! thanks teni!!!