Thursday, April 16, 2009


dress from grandma fields
new spongebob toy

dress from aunty nette and bow from aunty sina

bubble gun from grandma fields

we had easter early this year since we couldnt make it to vegas for easter sunday we decided to go on thursday and stay till saturday. it was a wonderful break away from work and schedules! nette and janet made the kids baskets filled with candy and clothes. when we returned home grandma fields sent baskets full of clothes and toys. jae was in heaven lol here are a few pictures of our week back home my cousin jay has the vegas ones i will post soon!!


Troy and Segi Worthen said...

Finally geez... but well worth the wait! Marley is freakin cute and her dress is tight. Dang it sounds like they got spoiled...why weren't our Easters like that when we were kids?' I need to buy that bubble gun, it beats blowing out of a small hole.

Carsen and Lesina said...

Dang Welcome back! Marley's is freakin gorgeous! I miss your kids and so does baby Fiti! Yeah it seems like they had blast for Easter! : )

Tony~n~Tara said...

Holy Smokes!! Your kids are freekin cute!! Marley is major chubby queen and sports it quite well ;-) (just like aunty Tara)*wink*....Jaelyn is such a big brother. It sounds like you guys had a blast in Vegas.. Now it's time to come here in June! See ya then *LOL*... love ya girl~Tara~

Tony~n~Tara said...

Wow...Maila. I love the pictures of the kids. They have grown so much. Keep it up sister and help your hubby out too.. :0 Love you and tell Big D (whts crakin)

Mama Pula said...

Hey Sweetie~

Man your kids are stinkin adorable! I hope that I get to meet you one of these dang days! Welp, just wanted to show some love since it's been so darn long...posted some new posts!